Track Employee Productivity With Taskhours Amid Covid-19 Induced Remote Working

Have concerns about whether your remote employees are working efficiently? 

Don’t worry! You’ve arrived at the right place. With appropriate software that monitors your workforce, you could keep a track of their productivity at ease. TaskHours is the software specifically designed to collect information about how much a particular employee spends time on a specific task, what websites or applications they’re using, and whether it’s related to the work assigned. This brings you a better understanding of what they’re doing during office hours, making your productivity analysis much easier than manual reporting.

What is Remote Working?

Remote working, also known as “work from home,” has become the new normal, and we’ve all embraced it wholeheartedly. Employees of various industries spend the whole day at their homes, focusing on their assigned professional responsibilities. When we work from home, it becomes one of management’s ethical obligations to keep an eye on us, in the role of our managers and supervisors.

There is a general misconception by employees worldwide that employee monitoring is implemented by the employer due to a lack of trust. However, installing such monitoring and compliance software can often be beneficial to the employees themselves, as it keeps a better evaluation of an individual's productivity and leaves little or no chance of human error in the formation of work reports.

Employee Monitoring and Its Importance

Employee monitoring enables a company to keep track of employee practices and assess employee compliance with work-related assignments. Regardless of the remote working it streamlines your business processes and increases employee proficiency. Employee monitoring allows a company to track productivity, maintain security, and obtain evidence of the number of hours worked. Although employee monitoring is considered to be a modern productivity management approach, it’s ancient and dates back to 1888 when the first industrial timesheet was created. Today the method of employee monitoring has become smooth and efficient thanks to digitalization and developed applications like TaskHours.

Compelling Reasons to Consider TaskHours as Your Employee Monitoring Tool

Made for enhanced productivity during a time when remote work is catching trends and becoming a necessity for organizations around the globe, TaskHours brings you a platform that acts as a virtual eye for the employers looking for techniques to implement work surveillance strategies keeping the business operations in order. Undoubtedly, employee efficiency has a significant effect on the company, so it’s important to have an insight into the professional roles and responsibilities that employees do outside of the workplace during work hours. Therefore, employee monitoring is essential to ensure accountability among organizational hierarchies and to prevent any misinterpretations.

Not just measuring employee productivity, TaskHours comes with plenty of other reasons to be considered:

Real-Time Attendance Track

TaskHours’ simplistic User Interface (UI) allows your employees to easily log their tasks with the expected time of completion and that’s all. The application maintains a check of attendance with the login and logout times, and also keeps a track of employees' productive hours i.e., time utilized in finishing the assigned tasks.

Automated Time Tracking

Find benefits of real-time and automated time tracking and timesheet generation. Avoid all the hurdles that you may face with the manual filling of timesheets. Let these time-consuming tasks be handled by TaskHours while all of your organization’s departments could focus entirely on their work.

Live Monitoring

While at the workplace managers can easily approach their teams for any work-related update and to have a check on the work performance but this operation of having a check gets impaired with remote working unless a platform such as ‘Live Monitoring’ isn’t added to your employee monitoring software. TaskHours comes embedded with this feature letting you have a regular check with your teammates, allowing you to see what they’re doing on their computer during work hours. This doesn’t just come as a practice of surveillance, it’s more than that, it allows managers and teammates to experience an office-like environment where they could all help each other and get the assignments done on time.

Automated Screen Recording and Sharing

In any organization during remote work, managers or employers cannot do live monitoring at all times as they need to focus on their own work too. Therefore, TaskHours is designed in such a manner that it automatically captures activities on the employee screen in a set frequency of time. It automatically stacks the records and shares them with the designated manager, so that managers can have a track of what the team is working on.

Comprehensive Reporting

TaskHours provides you a versatile reporting system that automatically analyses the effectiveness of your team members down to the smallest detail of time under the bracket of working hours. With a whole day of effective work analysis in the form of infographic reporting, TaskHours provides you the advantage of tracking performances like no other tool.

Alternative Options for Manual Timesheet

While developing TaskHours, the simplicity and flexibility of the software were the two key elements of its production. Therefore, it allows a certain limit of flexibility in its use, making it a universal and easy to access platform. It provides an alternative option for those employees who had missed logging their time on the TaskHours Desktop Client during their regular working hours. Such employees can manually log into their timesheets which can get approved post evaluation by the manager.

Smart Notifications

TaskHours is developed to provide regular updates in the form of notifications and reminders. Managers get notified when any task is begun, finished, or interrupted. If missed, the tool automatically reminds the team members to use it. Managers automatically get the timesheets emailed to their inboxes every day. No other employee monitoring software could keep you more up-to-date than this. 

Live Support

As a responsible software developing company, it comes as no surprise that one should be available for our customers at all times. TaskHours provides live support that entails answers to the frequently asked questions and helps you better understand the product features. Reach the live chat support for instant resolutions in regards to the software and its functionality, and you can also drop an email for the same.

No Compromise on Privacy

In the digital era, privacy comes as the greatest concern, and like every responsible organization, makers of TaskHours take it with the greatest solemnity. Therefore, when tasks are not logged during personal hours, it stops functioning, allowing your employees to have their ‘me time.’ The software is only meant to track employee’s work performance during your work hours, allowing both the employer and the employee to advance on the path of success.

Unrivaled quality at an affordable price

TaskHours gets its competitive advantage by providing a quality experience at affordable pricing. It gets you a feature-loaded platform that boosts your business’s productivity by streamlining your business operations under the new normal of remote working. If you want to experience it before buying, get the trial version free for 30 days, and don’t worry we don’t ask for credit card details. We trust our application, and we trust your instincts too.


Employee monitoring can be seen as an organizational code of ethics that is used to keep the work in line. As we’re aware that even in a professional environment where few workers take their jobs seriously and perform tirelessly for the organization’s development while others procrastinate and pretend to have professional obligations. Employee monitoring tools such as TaskHours could greatly help in bringing transparency of corporate duties and functions, resulting in an overall productivity boost.