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Effortless attendance and time tracking for your business.

Get started within minutes and cultivate a culture of productivity and appreciation in your organization.

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time and productivity solution

Whom Does It Help?

It helps enterprises, managers, remote workers and freelancers.

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Any size and scale.

Let your organization focus on primary business activities instead of caring about attendance and timesheet filling. These tasks are done automatically and effortlessly, leaving no end of the week hassles. Moreover, they become available instantly for a management review.


Manage people effectively.

Learn how your team is performing and where the time is being spent by the individuals. Define task groups and activity types to understand the where most of the time is consumed to optimize the efforts.


Remote Workers

Remote Workers

Allow Work-From-Home (WFH) with confidence.

Connectivity overview, live task logs, screen monitoring and live location tracking makes you more confident about the availability of individual team members when they are working remotely.


Invoice your clients for your time precisely.

Your clients can be more assured about your individual dedication and performance on their tasks. It helps you build a professional relationship of trust and commitment with your clients.



Performance Boosting Features

Based on the feedback we've received from our clients.

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Attendance Tracking

Automatic, Manual and Paperless.

Do you love environment? We too. No need to maintain employee attendance on papers.


Always Available.

Let your team focus on work and not in book-keeping. Timesheets are automatically created for them and always available for you!

Work & Cost Analysis

Did You Know?

You can only improve it - if you can measure. Learn how much does it cost to you before where you can improve.

Location Tracking

GPS based location tracking for better coordination.

Locate your team members for their safety and better coordination.

Productivity Analysis

Get data driven smart reports for better decisions.

Take confident decisions based on real data generated by your organisation.