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Privacy Policy

Yukti Solutions Private Limited built the Task Hours Mobile/Desktop/Web App, also called, Task Hours App as a Commercial App. This SERVICE is provided by Yukti Solutions Private Limited and is intended for use as is.

This page is used to inform visitors regarding our policies with the collection, use, and disclosure of Personal Information if anyone decided to use our Service(s).

If you choose to use our Service(s), then you agree to the collection and use of information in relation to this policy. The Personal Information that we collect is used for providing and improving the Service(s). We will not use or share your information with anyone except as described in this Privacy Policy.

This privacy policy defines how Task Hours as an application (collectively, “Task Hours,” “Task Hours App,” “we,” “our,” “This App,” and “us”) gathers, uses, discloses, and processes personal and public information about you. This privacy policy explains how we handle your personal data while you use this app and its Service(s), such as those accessible from our WEBSITE at, our DESKTOP, BROWSER, and MOBILE APPLICATIONS, and other services to which this Policy is linked (collectively the "Services"). It also informs you about your rights to privacy. Our terms of service at provide more detailed information to terms governing your use of our services. By this reference, these terms are implemented into this policy. It is important that you read this privacy statement and our terms to understand how and why we use your personal information, as well as the terms on which we provide you with the Services.

Through accessing or using this Service, you understand, approve, and agree to all of the provisions of this privacy policy, as well as our appropriate usage and terms of use. If you disagree with any aspect of this privacy policy, please do not use or access this Service.

The terms used in this Privacy Policy have the same meanings as in our Terms and Conditions, which are accessible at Task Hours Mobile unless otherwise defined in this Privacy Policy.


1. Contact us information

If you have any questions, suggestions, requests, or complaints about this privacy policy or our privacy practises, or if you want to opt-out of any communications or exercise any privacy-related rights. Please email us at 

Or call us at + 91 9013688294

You can also post your queries at our mailing address:

1011-1012A, 11th Floor, Westend Mall, District Center, Janakpuri,

New Delhi - 110058 (India)


2. Eligibility and Applicability

To run our business and provide you with our services, we need to process your personal data. You agree that you have read and accepted our privacy policy and terms of service, including how and why we handle your personal data, by accepting these. You can not use the Services if you do not want us to collect or process your personal data in the ways outlined in this policy. Please be aware that we are not responsible for the content, privacy policy, or activities of any third-party agency or service that uses our Services. Before accessing all of the Services, we recommend that you read the privacy policy of these third-party organizations. These services are not for children under the age of 18 years. You may not utilize the services if you are below the age of 18 years. You should not provide any personal information on our services if you are below the age of 18 years.


3. Personal data we collect

Personal data is defined as any information related to an identified or identifiable natural individual, where an identifiable natural individual is one who can be identified, explicitly or implicitly, in general by referring to an identifying entity such as a name, registration number (IDs), location information, or an internet identifier.

We process the information we get about you from your use of the Services based on a variety of legal instruments, like where:

We can simply receive your opt-in consent where we process the details on the basis of consent. If you have granted us your permission, you can revoke it at any time by contacting us at If we process your data on the basis of legitimate interests, we do so because it is appropriate for your or a third party's legitimate interests, unless there is a compelling need to safeguard your personal data that outweighs those legitimate interests.


Information Collected and Its Use

For a better user experience, while using our Application/Services, we may require you to provide us with certain personally identifiable information. The information that we request will be retained by us and used as described in this privacy policy. We use your information to bring effective and precise results from our time tracking and work monitoring application. 

You are allowed to register for an account with us (“services account”). Therefore, it comes as a recommendation from our end for you to register and agree to this privacy policy, you will be granted access to those sections and features of the services that seek registration. We gather information of a certain kind about you in relation to your registration for the service account, this might include your personal information and other information such as your password and username.

While registering with us, our website/application will ask you to provide the following details:

1. Your complete name (Your first and last name), 

2. Your company size 

3. Your Email address

4. Set up An Access Password

5. Your Phone number

6. Your Skype handle(optional)

7. While registering through the website/application, you may be asked to upload your photo (optional).

Payment Transaction Information: We may keep track of details about your transactions you make through the services. To complete payment transactions through such providers, you may provide details such as your credit or debit card number, card expiration date, CVV code, and billing address (collectively, “Payment Information”), as well as your name and billing, distribution, and shipping addresses. Please keep in mind that we collaborate with Service Providers to process payments. We do not capture or store your credit card or any other monetary bank details; our Service Providers handle this for us. When you use a third-party service using our services, you are entitled to privacy policy and terms and conditions of our Service Providers. Please refer to the Service Providers’ privacy policy and terms of use when using their facilities.

Correspondence Information: We may retain your message, email address, and contact details if you sign up, email us, or subscribe to our blog, newsletters, or mailing lists so that we are able to reply to your queries, provide the desired products or services, and send you updates or other communications. We do not distribute or transfer sensitive information to third parties for financial gains. If you do not want to obtain emails from us in the near future, please notify us by sending an email to or by following the unsubscribe directions included in any email that we send to you. You can get periodic mailings from us with information on new products and services or upcoming events if you provide us with your mailing (postal) address. Please let us know if you do not want to receive those mailing by emailing at Please keep in mind that removing your email address from our lists  can take some time. We will also email you if we have important announcements or reminders to make about the services.

Support Information: You may provide us details by submitting a support request via the services. This detail will be used to help you with your support request. Please do not send any private or sensitive information to us while submitting your support request that you do not want our Service Providers to have access to or use in the future.

Form Information: On the services, we may use forms to collect information from you, such as your contact information to help with contacts or service issues. Personal data may be included in this information.

User contributions: You can also submit information to be displayed on the Website’s public areas or distributed to other Website users or third parties (collaboratively, “User Contributions”). Your User Contributions are published and distributed at your own risk. We cannot and should not promise that unauthorised parties can not see your User Contributions.

Public information: We may use publicly available sources to gather information about you. For the purposes of this privacy policy, information you make publicly accessible on any public or open platform, such as on a social network, may be considered public information and viewed and stored by us. Please keep in mind that any material or information you share with or provide to third parties when using or in connection with the services is neither private nor confidential. We are not liable for the material or information that you publish or share with others. Please don’t post anything that you don’t want to be made public. We do not gather any sensitive or special categories of personal information from or about you (this involves information about your ethnicity or race, philosophical or religious beliefs, sexual orientation, trade union membership, sex life, political believes or opinions, information about your health and biometric and genetic data).


4. Information collected automatically

We gather aggregate and user-specific data about your equipment, domain name, use habits, contact information, and the tools you view and use on the services, such as your IP address, browsing data, and navigation patterns, using automated data collection and analytics technologies. This data is used to make our services better. In most cases, we analyse information obtained automatically on the legal grounds of our legitimate interests in evaluating how our services are used. Alternate legal bases, such as the agreement to certain forms of processing, can be used wherever applicable.

Below is a list of the types of information we collect automatically as a result of your use of the services:

Internet browser: When you use certain services, the Internet browser automatically conveys certain anonymous information. We and our partners, who may include third-party service providers (as described below) we employ to assist us in providing our services, may use automated means to gather different types of information about you, your computer, or any system used to access our services as you navigate through our services. The following is a general, non-exhaustive list of the forms of automatically collected data:

IP or Network address along with the type of browser you are using (for example, Safari, Google chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer); The kind of operating system (OS) you are using (for example, Macintosh OS or Microsoft Windows OS), the name and domains of the internet service provider (for example, Verizon, Comcast, or  AT&T), device identifiers, and mobile networks (for example, Android Advertising ID, Apple IDFA);

Device or gadget settings;

Internet browser settings;

The website pages of the services visited by you;

Services you visited prior to and after visiting a service, the kind of portable or electronic computer you used to access the service (for example, Android, iOS); or

Data about your location, as well as the content and advertisements you have viewed, accessed, forwarded and/or clicked at.

This information may be used to personalize your experience on our services. You can set your internet browser to alert you when a cookie is introduced or to reject cookies altogether, but some features of this website may not function properly if cookies are disabled. We and our service providers can use and merge anonymous information collected from site visitors to provide better services, customise the site to your needs, compile and analyse statistics and patterns, track website operation and results and otherwise manage and upgrade the site for your convenience. Such detail, however, is not mixed with the personal data gathered about you.

Information gathered by and from third parties (platforms) and social media services: Our users can interact with the content through social media networks or other third-party platforms, such as Facebook, as well as third-party social media plugins, system integrations, and software applications. You may give us access to that information in your profile when you interact with our content on or through social media services or any other third party platforms, plugins, system integrations, or software applications. This may include:

Your name;

Your email address;

Your photo;

Your gender;

Your date of birth (DOB);

Your occupation; and

Your account user files, such as photos and videos, your list of friends or contacts, people you follow and/or who follow you back, or your social media posts or “likes,” are associated with the relevant third party platform or social media account ID.

Please refer to their respective privacy policy and terms of use for a rundown of social media sites and other third party platforms, plugins, system integrations, software applications that manage your data, which may enable you to change your privacy settings. We may collect some details about your interactions with our content on third party platforms, software applications, system integrations, or platforms, such as content you have seen and information about advertising inside the content you have been shown or might have clicked on, while we communicate with you via our content on third party platforms, system integrations, or software applications.

Analytics Data: To maintain website accessibility and optimise the services, we use data analytics tools to help us better understand how the services are working. This software programme can keep track of how much you use the services, what happens when you are using them, consolidated usage, performance metrics, app errors and debugging data, and where you downloaded the services from.

Log file information: While you are using our services, we may get your log file data such as

Your IP address;

Your browser type;

Your access attempts and duration of use;

Your Operating System (OS) and domain names;

The referred webpage(s);

Pages you visited;

Your location;

Type of mobile carrier you use;

Your device/gadget information (that includes device and app. IDs)’

Your search terms;

And cookie data.

When you interact with our services, such as when you visit our website, log in to our services, or interact with our email updates, we receive log file information. Data from log files is used to deliver, appreciate, and refine our services, as well as to personalise the content we show you. This log file can be linked to other information that we gather about you through the services.

Data gathered by our desktop/mobile applications: We may gather data as snapshots/screenshots, applications being used, web URLs being accessed, time-period you are actively working, the operating system (OS) you have used, whether or not you have an output device such as screen, (in case of desktop) whether or not your device’s trackpad/mouse is actively being operated, the names of projects or tasks being worked on, the time taken on those activities, the browser edition you are using, and whether or not your system keyboard is engaged into practice.

Cookies: Cookies for instance, can be served under the laws of different EU countries if individuals have given their consent after receiving specific and detailed information, especially regarding the purposes for which their personal data would be processed. Effective consent can be given by using browser settings in at least the countries listed above, as long as you take positive action. It is recommended that you review your current browser settings before using Task Hours’ website or application to ensure that the settings match your permission for Task Hours to place cookies on your electronic gadgets. You are not mandatorily required to approve our cookies, and you can set your browser to block them or erase them after they have been saved to your gadget’s hard drive. Any sections of our website might take longer to load or may not operate properly if you do not accept or erase our cookies.

Other web technologies: Certain standard web-based technologies may be used by our service providers to monitor the movements when using our services. These tools assist us in determining the promotions and marketing efficacy of our products and services, allowing us to tailor the services available on or via our website, as well as product and service offerings. Any of this information, such as IP address, shall be kept in our service provider’s server logs and may be accessible for a longer period of time.


5. Geo Location Information Collected

While using a mobile device or a mobile application (Task Hours Mobile) to access our services, you will be asked to share your specific (GPS level) geo-location details with us so that we can tailor your experience. If you consent to such a list, you will be able to turn it off at any time by accessing your mobile device’s privacy settings and/or in the setting of the device used.

Please note that:

1. This App (Web/Desktop/Mobile) collects user’s location data to enable time tracking even when the app is closed or not in use.

2. In order to validate the attendance, this App also uses the device's Camera feature to take the picture of its user.

3. In order to provide better coordination and employee safety, this App provides employee (user) location details to the employer while s/he is on official commute.

4. When in use, our application also collects location information while running in the background.

Therefore, If you have ‘background location’ kept ON on your device, the Task Hours App will, from time to time, tell ‘Us’ about your device’s location even if you are not directly interacting with the App.

We use this geo-location information to understand your usage with the application and to bring your location as an input for the data generated within the application (Task Hours Mobile). The location data enables our application to identify your location during your set working hours or time when the application is actively used or running in the background. This location information is shared with your employer as an application feature.

-We use your Internet Protocol (IP) Address to help identify your location and problems (if any) with our computer server, and also to administer our website(s). Your IP address is used to assist identify you, but involves no personal information about you.

-Based on the sensitive information you provide while registering for an account, we send you a welcome email for verification purposes.

-We use the information gathered from our Mobile/Desktop/Web Application (Task Hours App) to make us able to serve you better by identifying the application version, and for troubleshooting.

-We may use the information collected from you to prevent, discover and investigate violations of this privacy policy or any of the applicable terms of use or terms of service for the mobile or web application.

-Furthermore, we may collect your protected/sensitive information or application usage information and use it to provide you with information or process transactions or services that you have requested or agreed to receive including to send you electronic communications in the form of newsletters, or to bring to you special offers or promotional material on behalf of us.

-We do not sell, share, rent, or trade the information gathered about you. This information is kept strictly confidential and is used solely for the purpose of application’s service and its features.


6. How Task Hours shares your personal information

The information we collect from you is used for the reasons outlined in this policy. In general, we process personal data about you obtained through our services on the legal basis of our legitimate interests in delivering the services and their appropriate functionality to you, where such processing is required for the purposes of our or our service provider’s legitimate interests relevant to the services. Alternative legal bases, such as the agreement to certain forms of processing, can be used wherever applicable. Without your agreement or any legitimate legal justification allowed by statute, we will not share, sell, rent, or otherwise reveal your personal data to third parties. On the legal basis of our genuine interests in delivering the requested services, we will share your data in the following circumstances:

Service Providers: We employ third parties to support our company to offer resources such as accepting, sorting, and delivering orders, encrypting credit card data as an additional security precaution, processing credit card purchases, processing product ratings, technical support, and offering comparative performance details compared to our platform (collectively, "Service Providers"). These third parties have restricted access to your data and are only permitted to use it to carry out these activities on our behalf. Details you send to us and information we gather from you, including personal data and information from data collection tools, can be shared with our Service Providers.

We may share the personal information you've given to us with the Service Providers we've hired to help us with business-related tasks, but only:

to third-party providers that help us operate our business (for example, distribution services, administrative assistance, shipping services, and financial institutions), in which case we would ask them to continue to handle your personal information in line with this policy and use it for the similar purposes;

in relation with the acquisition, assignment, takeover, or other transition of the site's company to which the information applies, in which case any other buyer would be required to handle your personal details in compliance with this privacy statement and use it for the similar purposes; or

to comply with law enforcement demands or with existing rules, court orders, or federal legislation.

Link to the privacy policy of third-party service providers used by the app

Google Play Services:

Log Data

We would like to inform you that whenever you use our services, in case of an error in the application we collect information and data (via third-party products) on your smartphone/mobile device Log Data. This Log Data may include information such as your device/gadget Internet Protocol (IP) Address, device/gadget name, operating system version, the configuration of application software when utilizing our Services, the time and date of your use of the service, and other information or statistics.

Business transactions: We may buy or sell other companies' securities, or we may be engaged in a bankruptcy, takeover, restructuring, recapitalization, or asset disposal (a "Financial Transaction"). As part of a Business Transaction, the records, including personal details, can be among the properties sold or exchanged. We can opt to buy or sell properties in certain situations. Such transactions may be essential and in our legitimate interests, especially our interest in establishing long - term decisions that allow our company to grow.

Lawful and safety Requests: We may be compelled to release user information in response to legitimate demands, such as subpoenas or court rulings, or to comply with relevant laws. We don't reveal user details until we have a good faith expectation that a subpoena for information from law enforcement or private litigants complies with existing legal codes. When we feel it is appropriate to comply with applicable laws, protect our rights or assets, deter fraud or other criminal activity committed through the Services or under our name, or ensure the security of another individual, we can share your data. Sharing details with other firms, attorneys, agents, or government departments is one example. Nothing in this policy is meant to restrict any legal defences or objections you might have to a third-party appeal for your records, even a federal request.

Social gatherings: We may share your personal information with our promoters if you are a company or association that has planned a conference, event, or meeting at one of our facilities. Return email addresses are also used to respond to emails we get from you. Your e-mail addresses may not be used for any other reason, nor will it be exchanged with third parties for the purpose of direct sales. Your IP address can also be used to defend Task Hours and our Service Providers from spam.

 Other purposes: Task Hours can also reveal your personal information if it is required to:

act in accordance with a subpoena or warrant issued;

collaborate with police departments or other government departments;

define or exercise our rights under the law;

secure our company assets or safety, and also safety of our workers, contractors, suppliers, vendors, and clients/customers;

protect against lawsuits;

assist with internal and external inquiries; or

otherwise necessary or allowed by law.

We may share your details in the event of a Task Hours sale or merger, or some other transaction involving the sale or allocation of any or all of our properties.

Consolidate Non-Personal Information: We have no restrictions on disclosing consolidated, non-personal data obtained from delivering the Services, particularly information that does not identify any person. We will exchange demographic data with business partners, but it will be consolidated and depersonalized in order to protect personal information.


7. Your rights

We want to make sure that everybody has access to the protections that their government mandates. Not all of the privileges discussed in this policy will extend to any data topic, and some of them will not apply to you based on the jurisdiction.

You may have a number of rights in response to the data we process about you. Some protections are only applicable under certain special circumstances, depending on where you live. You can email us at if you want to monitor, alter, restrict, or erase your personal details. We will update you with details on whether we have any of your personal information if you require it. You will have the right to restrict or limit how we use your personal data in those situations where we process your data. You will have the ability to order the deletion of your personal data under some cases, as well as a backup of your personal data in a readily readable format.

The following rights can extend to the degree that they are prescribed by the laws applicable to the particular data subject, such as all data subjects located in the European Union (“EU”):

the rights to access (view) (GDPR, Article 15); 

the right to alternative solution (rectification) (GDPR, Article 16);

the right to deletion/erasure (GDPR, Article 17); 

the right to limit processing (GDPR, Articles 18);

the right to oppose/object (GDPR, Article 21);

the right to data accessibility/portability (GDPR, Article 20); or

the right to file a lawsuit with an authorised data protection enforcement body (GDPR, Article 77).

You may also file a GDPR lawsuit with the appropriate Supervisory Authority. Find a list consisting of Supervisory Authorities here: If you need further assistance with respect to your rights, please contact us using the details mentioned on our website, and we will treat your request in compliance with relevant legislation. In certain circumstances, our ability to protect your rights could be contingent on our responsibilities to process sensitive information for protection, safety, fraud detection, comply with regulatory or legal requirements, or to provide the services you have sought. If this is the case, we will respond to your request with specific information.

You have the right to object to the collection of your data whether it is done in the public interest or within our legitimate interests as described in this document. In those cases, we will stop processing your data unless we have valid substantive grounds to do so or unless it is required by law. You may still object to us using the unsubscribe option in those correspondence or by modifying your account settings if we use your information for targeted commercial reasons.

You have the right to revoke your agreement to any data processing at any stage by reaching us at The legality of our use of your personal details would not be affected by your withdrawal of consent until you have withdrawn your consent.

You can contact us using the details above if you no longer want to use the Services or receive service-related notifications (except for legally necessary notices). If you use Task Hours as an employee, your boss has full access to your information. If you work as a freelancer, the person or company with which you work has direct access to your information. Employees of Task Hours will still have access to your information for the purposes of checking or general technical enhancement, notifying you of updates to our website or any products or services we sell or deliver through it, or fulfilling the reason for which you submitted it. Additional detail can be found in our terms of use at


Access to the data we have gathered about you: Inside the Services, we have some resources and configurations that assist you in accessing, correcting, deleting, or modifying the personal data associated with the Services. You may also email us with questions about the information we've collected about you, such as the nature and authenticity of the data we've collected, to request a review, alteration, or deletion of your information, to opt-out of some of these Services' uses of your data, or to revoke any permission you may have given us. Please be aware that if you want to remove your details or opt-out of the aggregation and use of your data, you acknowledge that you can lose access to those functions, including but not restricted to the Services, might no longer be accessible by you.

Data retention: We will only keep your details for as long as it is used to fulfil the functions outlined in this policy, such as for as long as an account is active or to offer the Services to you. We will keep and use your data to the degree possible to conform with our legal responsibilities (for example, if we are needed to keep your data to comply with relevant tax/revenue regulations), settle conflicts, and uphold our agreements, and also as defined in this policy. We keep log files for internal review as well. Except in situations and when they're used for site safety and protection, to increase site functionality, or we are legally obliged to maintain them for longer periods of time, these log files are usually kept for a short amount of time. As part of a data protection package, we can remove your personal information from our servers. Following the end or cancellation of a Services Account, we may keep your content and information for backup, archival, and collection of accounts for a commercially reasonable amount of time.

Opting-out of contact from us: Users may sign out of getting such communications from us by fulfilling the unsubscribe instructions in the email correspondence or contacting us at the address mentioned above. However, Services-related messages, such as account authentication, modifications or improvements to functionality of the Services, and technological and security alerts, are not opt-outable.

Do Not Track: We currently do not have a method in place to react automatically to “Do Not Track” (DNT) messages sent by web browsers, smart applications, or other frameworks. When you use Services, third parties will be able to gather information about your online habits, including personal information, over time and through various websites or online services, according to industry guidelines. You can prevent any monitoring by turning off cookies in your browser.


8. Data security

We value the confidentiality of your personal information. We make fair efforts to secure and preserve your information’s safety, authenticity, and durability, as well as to safeguard it against loss, abuse, unauthorised access, dissemination, modification, and destruction. We put in place security measures as required and in accordance with industry norms. We cannot guarantee the security of our systems or files, nor can we guarantee the personal data we gather from you will not be intercepted, breached, lost, captured, downloaded, or otherwise released without authorization because no data protection protocol is impenetrable. As a result, any data you send or receive through the services is at your own risk.

Please help us keep your data safe by doing your part. A password protects the services account information. It’s critical that you maintain your password and device secure, such as by logging off after using the services, to prevent unwanted access to your account and records. You are entirely responsible for all events that arise under your password or services account. If we learn or suspect that you have leaked your services account or its login details to an untrusted source, we reserve the right to cancel your access to the services and any relationship you have with us in regards to the services. We make fair attempts to ensure that our other service providers have put in place physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards measures to help protect your sensitive information from unwanted access and disclosure. Only our registered employees and service providers who conduct legal Task Hours business functions have access to your personal information. Despite our best intentions, the internet is not without security threats. Task Hours cannot guarantee that your personal records, personal searches, and other messages will all be safe, and you should not expect it to be. You should exercise caution when handling and disclosing personal data, as well as any username or password that you are expected to use to access content or services on our website.


9. Data integrity

Task Hours Mobile/Desktop/Web applications will only use personal information for the purposes it was collected or authorised by you. Task Hours would take appropriate precautions to ensure that personal information is precise, complete, exists, and reliable for the purposes for which it was collected.

The European Economic Area, The United States of America, and other nations all have varying rules and laws relating to privacy and information protection. Task Hours Web/Desktop/Mobile Applications are based and operate from India, New Delhi, thereby, adhering to all the rules and regulations related to the privacy and security of its users.

Please be aware that any data you provide through the services may be transferred, handled, and/or used by us in India or some other country where our service providers work. Please be advised that the privacy norms and rules in other countries, including the government’s power to access your personal information, may vary from those in your home country. If you are situated outside of India and want to authorise us to gather information about you, you should be mindful that your personal information may be sent to India, where it will be processed and stored. We may only move personal information to countries where we are legally allowed to do so, and we will take actions to ensure that your personal data continues to be adequately protected.

We may be needed to release personal information in response to legal demands by public officials in such circumstances, such as to satisfy national security or law enforcement standards.


10. Children and data collection

The Task Hours’ website is intended for a general website audience. The content or material on Task Hours’ website is not intended for children under the age of 18. We may not receive sensitive information from children or minors intentionally. If Task Hours or its service providers discover that a child or minor has provided us with personal information without parental approval, we will erase that information from our databases. Please contact us at if you have any concerns about sensitive personal information that might have been submitted by a minor or a child.


11. Enforcement

Task Hours employs a self-assessment methodology to ensure consistency with this privacy policy, ensuring that it is reliable, robust with the data expected to be protected, prominently illustrated, fully enforced, and available, and in compliance with Indian, EU, Swiss, and international privacy standards on a regular basis. We invite those with questions about the use and dissemination of personal information to contact us using the contact details provided, and we will review and try to settle any grievances or conflicts in consistency with the guidelines. We consent to use (an autonomous resourced method) as a third party mediation service where a complaint or dispute cannot be settled by our internal process.


12. Judicial Hearings

Please be mindful that  for any legal complaint or judicial dispute/hearing/ruling our judicial address is bound to be New Delhi, India, and no other location/geographical address shall be entertained by us or our service providers.


13. Changes to This Privacy Policy

Task Hours can make changes to this privacy policy from time to time, and you should check it each time you use any of our services. Our use of your data will be governed by the most recent update of this privacy policy, which can be found at Prior material of changes can be obtained by contacting us. If we make significant revisions to this policy, we will post a note on the services or send you an email notifying you of the changes.