An attendance and time tracking tool that helps you work smarter


We bring you the smartest employee monitoring tool, you do your business brilliantly.

Task Hours was first developed to cater the needs of Yukti Solutions (P) Ltd., to track and monitor their own workforce. We have tested the software’s robustness while using it as an internal application. After giving it enough time and with numerous feedback reviews and reworks from our own team of employees, we've added many such features that makes it both employer and employee friendly. So, when we had satisfied ourselves with its quality and reliability, we brought it to help many other businesses around the world.

At Task Hours, we value consistency, efficiency and integrity. Task Hours is the smartest employee monitoring tool that is curated with the employees and for the employees' betterment. Our main purpose is to bring an office like environment for the remote working aka work from home. Our software platform smartly keeps a check on every employee activity and maintains assurance for an efficient work output. Employees who seek career enrichment and appreciation, as well as employers who seek employee engagement and better performance, could all benefit from Task Hours.


Why Task Hours?

We believe an inspiring team effectiveness begins with individual productivity. We uncover information on how staff and teams operate so you can identify as when your employees are being most productive. With impactful data analytics and a plethora of features, Task Hours provides you the reports you need to help your employees and your organization to be successful. It maintains an office like workflow during the new normal of remote working.


What sets us apart

Task Hours offers to:

Improve team productivity

Drop time spend on distractions

Assist business owners in improving their processes by determining who is doing what

Reduce squandered time and expenses by a significant amount

Boost employee engagement

Form an office like environment for remote working

Provide the smartest employee monitoring tool at the most affordable price.

Bring the simplistic and organization friendly monitoring tool

To find more in depth information about Task Hours and its features, catch our detailed technical blog.


Team that developed Task Hours

Task Hours is a Software-as-a-service (SAAS) platform developed by the team of professionals at Yukti Solutions Private Limited. We are a leading software development service provider from New Delhi (India).

Since 2009, we have been offering software development and outsourcing services, as well as technical consulting services to our clients in India and to our global clients mainly from the USA and Europe. With over a decade in business, we have attained an extensive knowledge and familiarity with the technological requirements of various domains of Information Technology. We have enabled our clients to outperform the competition and stay ahead with effective IT innovations by providing technology solutions that augments overall business productivity.

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